All our services are customised to fit the unique needs of your business



Engaging advertising can capture attention and motivate. We can work with your business to design, write and place advertising and advertorials that will achieve the best possible result for every dollar spent.


Everything you do should be part of a bigger story; it should build on what’s been done before and anticipate what’s still to come. A sound communications strategy will ensure your advertising, media and other promotional efforts are cohesive, cost effective, and continue to resonate with your audience long into the future. We can develop a managed approach to communications, tailored to the specific needs of your business.


Our team is proficient at writing news and feature articles for newspapers, magazines, radio and television news services and websites. We can take care of the whole writing process, from research and interviewing to writing and editing.


Flyers, brochures, fact sheets and other marketing materials are a great way to showcase your business or promote your message. We can manage the entire process, from design and layout to content writing and printing.


If content is your salad, then design is your dressing. Last Word Writing Services has a network of expert designers who can present your online or print communications in the best possible light. If you would like to streamline the whole production process through one company, we can take care of it, from content writing and design to layout and printing.


Media relations

Positive media coverage is one of the most inexpensive and credible ways of promoting your business, product or service. Call us to discuss the benefits of a media campaign and the best way to promote your success, upcoming event or products and services. For smaller projects such as a one-off media release, we can expertly write and pitch your latest news to give it the best possible chance of making the media.


A regular newsletter is a great way to keep in touch with customers. Not only does it allow you to promote your latest products, services and successes, but it also ensures you remain at the front of your customers’ minds. We can help with writing, editing, layout, distribution and monitoring for both print and online newsletters.


Social media and blogs are great ways to encourage two-way communication between businesses and their customers. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and WordPress provide inexpensive interfaces for businesses wanting to communicate with customers instantly in an informal way. We can assist with the setup, optimisation and ongoing management of your business’ social media and blogging activity.


People use the internet to make decisions about everything, from where to eat to what computer to buy or plumber to hire. An informative, professional website can help your business reach hundreds, or even thousands, of potential customers looking for information. We can develop engaging, easy to understand content for your website on a one-off or ongoing basis, or edit existing content and make suggestions about how you can keep your website fresh.


If you would like a quote on any of the services listed above, or if you have any questions about other writing or communications services, please contact us.